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Angler’s Edge Tournament Trail


Rock River Bass League 2022

                                 ENTRY FEE BREAKDOWN

                                      $75.00 Per Boat

  $10.00 Optional Big Bass 100% Payback Pot Per Tournament

$10.00 of the $75.00 entry fee will be placed in the Classic Fund

$10.00 Optional MEGA Bass Pot – Rolls over until a 3 1/2 pound bass is weighed in by a team in the mega bass pot that tournament.

Launch Sites:

Rockford, IL Tournaments – Sportscore One Boat Ramp –  1288 Elmwood Rd, Rockford, IL 61103

Beloit, WI Tournaments – Wooton Park Boat Ramp – 1451 4th St, Beloit, WI 53511 (MUST PAY BOAT LAUNCH FEE IF APPLICABLE OR FACE DISQUALIFICATION)

NOTES: Please remember that a tournament may be cancelled due to weather or water conditions, or other circumstances outside of our control such as Covid restrictions. Also remember that a tournament may be moved due to water conditions between Rockford Pool and Beloit Pool. The mandatory meeting must be attended or you would run the risk of not competing in the tournament that day if the field has already left the launch. PLEASE try to pay prior to tournament dates. If paying at the launch please bring correct amount as making change may not be possible. 

                                   2022 Season Schedule

DATE      DAY   RAMP    TIME      RISE/SET       MTG.
Apr 30    Sat    Beloit     6/2        5:54 AM     5:30 AM.
May 15   Sun    Beloit     6/2        5:35 AM     5:30 AM.
Jun 16    Thu     RFD        5/9       8:35 PM     4:30 PM.
Jun 28    Tue    RFD        5/9        8:36 PM      4:30 PM.
July 17     Sun   RFD        6/2        5:34 AM      5:30 AM.
July 26    Tue    RFD       5/9         8:21 PM       4:30 PM.
Aug 7       Sun  RFD         6/2        5:55 AM     5:30 AM.
Aug 28    Sun   RFD        6/2          6:17 AM      5:30 AM.
Sept 18    Sun   RFD   6:30/2:30   6:39 AM    6:00 AM.
Oct 9       Sun   RFD         7/3         7:02 AM     6:30 AM.

                         CLASSIC OCTOBER 9TH TOURNAMENT



Official Rules If Angler’s Edge Open Bass Tournaments

Click Here For The Angler’s Edge Tournament Trail Rules 2021 Season

Rules Amendment: 1/25/2020

In an effort to encourage and increase the participation of youth, middle school, high school, and college fishing teams, the Angler’s Edge Tournament Trail Committee has amended the “Team Makeup & Participation” & “Payouts” portions of the rules to the following:

Team Makeup & Participation:

  1. Angler’s Edge RBL (Rockford Bass League) Tournaments are team tournaments with a five (5) fish limit per boat.
  2. A maximum of two (2) anglers per team. ‘Amendment’: Participants that are minors wishing to fish as a team will be allowed to fish with a third person (Adult), but will be required to have submitted a release of liability waiver (at each pre-tournament meeting) that is signed by a legal guardian. The third person (Adult), is permitted only to operate the watercraft’s main engine and is not permitted to assist in any other ways including but not limited to: rigging hooks, casting, reeling, netting, hook removal, operation of trolling motor, and handling of fish in any form, etc. Any third person (Adult) found to be assisting in any manner deemed to be interference will be subject to disqualification without refund and a loss of points for that tournament. Any accusation of interference by said third person should be immediately expressed to the tournament director and tournament committee for ruling. Photo and video proof will not be required but will be taken into consideration prior to a ruling beind made. 
  3. This does not preclude an angler from competing alone as long as full entries as outlined are paid.


  1. RBL Entry Fee: 80% will be paid out the day of the tournament.
  2. RBL Big Bass Option: 100% paid out the day of the tournament.
  3. RBL Mega Bass Option: 100% paid out for a 3.5 pound bass or heavier.

a. The pot will roll over until there is a winner.

b. If a team has not participated in the Mega Bass in previous tournaments they will need to pay $10.00 for each tournament that has been completed and the tournament of the day to compete.

4. Any high school, middle school, or college teams, IHSA or otherwise, who participate in the Angler’s Edge Tournament Trail and win money will be allowed to have their check made payable to their respective club, school, or organization of their choice in an effort to stay within the guidlines of the IHSA, NCAA, or any other governing bodies associated. The participating team shall speak with their governing bodies to orchestrate any possible payments in advance of entering the tournament.


None at this time


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